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Episode 17: Matthew Campelli, ‘Sustainability Report’ Editor, and I Interview Each Other


Matthew Campelli is founder and editor of The Sustainability Report, which covers the global Green-Sports beat from Europe. He’s also director of sustainability for Touchline, a communications agency specializing in sustainability, sport and reporting.

We were catching up not long ago about how the Green-Sports movement can impact the climate fight at this important moment in time: in the wake of August’s devastating IPCC climate report and in the run up to next week’s COP 26 global climate conference. After awhile, one of us blurted out that, “hey, this would be great as a podcast!”

So, voilà, here is our podcast conversation about the ‘State of the Green-Sports World’. And a special thank you to Matthew for doing a great job editing our conversation.





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Matthew Campelli (Photo credit: The Sustainability Report)


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