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Earth Day Episode 19: Climate Scientist, Communicator Dr. Michael Mann


As some of you may know, a series of close family losses forced me to direct my energies elsewhere over the last month. The kindness of the Green-Sports community, including GreenSportsBlog readers, has been a true blessing and has helped me greatly. Thank you so very much.

Now, it is fitting that I get back to blogging and podcasting on Earth Day — a day for both sober reflection as well as a day of hope and action.

And with that, I say Happy Earth Day #52!

Being “Happy” about the environment, and climate change is a particular challenge these days. A damning global climate assessment from the IPCC, petro-state Russia’s brutal and horrific war on Ukraine and more — have made it very difficult if not impossible for many to remain positive about the possibilities for a real #ClimateComeback.

That’s why GSB is excited to have world renowned climate scientist and communicator Dr. Michael Mann as our guest for a GreenSportsPod interview on Earth Day. He has fought the Climate Wars — in fact, he is the author of the bestselling book, The New Climate War — against the deniers and their enablers for decades. And he will be the inaugural director of a new Center for Science, Sustainability, and the Media at the University of Pennsylvania starting in September.

Dr. Mann has an intrinsic connection to sports: He coined the ‘hockey stick’ phrase to describe the exponential increase in both average the global atmospheric CO2 concentration and average temperature since the Industrial Revolution and he’s EcoAthletes advisory board member.

So, we couldn’t have a better Earth Day guest on GreenSportsPod than Dr. Michael Mann.

Click HERE to listen!

Dr. Michael Mann (Photo credit: Dr. Michael E. Mann)

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