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Episode 1 Guest: Dr. Allen Hershkowitz


Welcome to GreenSportsPod, the new occasional podcast series from GreenSportsBlog.

Is now the right time to launch a podcast about the intersection of Green and Sports, with the world in the midst of the harrowing outbreak of COVID-19?

Who really knows but here’s why we answered yes: COVID-19-related news will — and should — be the first (and second and third and…) thing people seek out for the foreseeable future. Yet we also know that many if not most folks will have some bandwidth for other content. And we know that climate change is not waiting for the coronavirus crisis to end — and neither can the Green-Sports world.

That is why we are launching GreenSportsPod now.

It is fitting that our guest for Episode 1 is Dr. Allen Hershkowitz. The “Godfather of Green-Sports” has played a leading role in the movement dating back to 2004.

In today’s interview, Hershkowitz tells us how he got to the intersection of Green-Sports in the first place, how he shaped many of the movement’s most important achievements, and his views on the potential for Green-Sports going forward.




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Allen Hershkowitz (Photo credit: J. Henry Fair)


Thank you for listening; we appreciate your time.

And one more thing: Stay safe!



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