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Episode 5: Joint Interview with Lily Brazel, Field Hockey Star, Eco-Preneur and Podcaster


Today’s Episode 5 of GreenSportsPod, the occasional podcast series from GreenSportsBlog, is an experiment of sorts.

You see, not only is today’s guest, Lily Brazel a member of the Hockeyroos, Australia’s National Field Hockey team, hopeful of making her first Olympics next summer at Tokyo20ne…not only is she an Eco-Preneur as founder of Stature Clothing Australia…the 25-year-old EcoAthletes Supporter also is host of The State Of Us podcast.

Thus, our experiment was to interview each other. So, not only will you learn about Lily’s beyond-fascinating journey, you’ll also get to hear a bit of my Green-Sports story. We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we had producing it.



The introduction to Lily’s version of our conversation — now running on the State of Us podcast — differs somewhat from what you heard here. It’s a fun, worthwhile listen, as are her earlier episodes.


post image
Lily Brazel wears Stature Clothing Australia's performance apparel (Photo credit: Stature Clothing Australia)


You can follow Lily on Instagram and Twitter at @lilybrazel. Stature Clothing Australia can be found on Instagram at @stature_australia.



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