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Episode 21: Oak View Group’s Chris Granger and Kristen Fulmer Have Big GOALs


The greening of sports and entertainment venues has been taking place for the better part of the last two decades. Yet two leading lights of the Green-Sports movement, Chris Granger and Kristen Fulmer of Oak View Group, the largest developer and operator of sports and entertainment venues in the world, believe that progress needs to accelerate beyond the tried and true metrics of energy efficiency and waste diversion, to include the broader issues of social impact, climate action, and responsible change.

That’s why Granger and Fulmer have teamed up as President of OVG360 (the division of the Oak View Group devoted to “positive disruption in the live entertainment and hospitality industry”) and Oak View Group’s Sustainability Director, respectively, to create and deliver the GOAL (Green Operations and Advanced Leadership) program.

And that is why GreenSportsPod was thrilled to talk with the duo in a fast-paced, engaging conversation about GOAL, how it will help sports and entertainment venues make positive differences on those macro issues mentioned above, an exciting new strategic collaboration with the Green Sports Alliance, and more.

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Chris Granger (Photo credit: Oak View Group)

Kristen Fulmer (Photo credit: Kristen Fulmer)

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