Katharine DeRosette Joins GreenSportsBlog; Will Report on Greening of SEC Sports


GreenSportsBlog is pleased to announce that Katharine DeRossette is joining the fold as a Contributing Blogger. Katharine will be covering the Greening of the Southeastern Conference to start.

GreenSportsBlog has covered the “Greening of College Sports” since our inception 2+ years ago.  Our focus to this point has been mainly on the Big Ten, thanks to the great work done by Elyssa Emrich. Thanks to the addition of Katharine DeRossette (@kayderossette) to the GreenSportsBlogger fold, we are broadening our gaze to look at the intersection of Green and Sports in the SEC. This is a beat that, at first glance, might not appear to be too meaty. But there is more greening going on down south than would be expected by most folks up north and Katharine will bring those stories to light.
Katharine DeRossette

Katharine DeRossette (Photo credit: Katharine DeRossette)

Katharine is a second year graduate student at the University of Arkansas, studying Higher Education Administration and Sustainability.  She is a graduate assistant in the Center for Community Engagement where she advises the Volunteer Action Center’s Full Circle Food Pantry and Razorback Food Recovery programs. Katharine has also worked closely with the Arkansas Athletic Department and Boston Mountain Solid Waste District recruiting, communicating, and training volunteers for recycling initiatives at each Razorback home football game.
Katharine was first exposed to game day recycling as an undergraduate at the University of Mississippi, where she coordinated the Green Grove program for three football seasons.  Katharine completed her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from the Ole Miss in 2014.  She plans to work for a college or university coordinating campus sustainability after she completes her degree in May 2016.
While none of the SEC schools colors are green, we look forward to reading Katharine’s posts on the Greening of SEC Athletics. Welcome aboard, Katharine!

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