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GreenSportsBlogger Talks Super Bowl LIV on GreenBiz 350 Podcast


I was honored to discuss the Greening of tomorrow’s Super Bowl LIV with Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor of GreenBiz on the GreenBiz 350 Podcast. Joining us was Madeleine Orr co-director of Sport Ecology Group and a member of the Sport Management department at SUNY Cortland.


The NFL has had a greening program at Super Bowls, focused on carbon neutrality, dating back 15 years or so. Local organizing committees, responsible for promoting and producing the myriad of events that take place the week or so prior to the Big Game, have also gotten into the greening act, to varying degrees, depending on the market.

With Super Bowl LIV as backdrop, GreenBiz decided to devote a portion of Friday’s 350 Podcast to the green aspects of Sunday’s game.

Joel Makower, GreenBiz’ Chairman and Executive Editor and the host of the 350 Podcast, delved into the greening efforts of the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee. with Madeleine “Maddy” Orr, co-director of Sport Ecology Group and a lecturer in Sport Management at SUNY-Cortland. She is in Miami with a Green Team of student volunteers who are helping the organizers with a variety of greening programs.


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Joel Makower (Photo credit: Peter Cupp Photography)


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Maddy Orr (Photo credit: Katya Moussatova)


Then Joel and I widened out the lens a bit, chatting about the Greening of the Super Bowl more broadly, including ways the NFL can make those sustainability efforts more impactful.

Click here to get to GreenBiz’ podcast page. It is a 54 minute episode. Our segment starts at the 45 minute mark but the entire show is well worth the listen.




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