Yanks' Mark Teixiera to Highlight Sustainable America Gala in Stamford, CT Nov 9


Sustainable America is a 3-year old environmental non-profit, based in Stamford, CT, that works to simultaneously reduce oil usage and increase food availability in the United States. Given the organization is active at the intersection of Green and Sports, it is no surprise that Yankees first baseman Mark Teixiera will take part in Sustainable America’s annual fundraiser on November 9.

Sustainable America Executive Director Jeremy Kranowitz, in a September 1 GreenSportsBlog interview, offered that sports, with its high profile and high capacity events, “is a key industry” for the growing non-profit that links the reducing oil usage and increasing food availability. They’re partnering with NASCAR to improve the sustainability of its races through Racing to End Food Waste. In fact, back in April, Sustainable America worked with the Richmond, VA NASCAR track and its Sprint Cup race to engage fans to recycle and compost. The result: 1.5 tons of cardboard of were recycled and 5.5 tons of food was composted.  Unused food was donated to the tune of 1,350 meals. More such NASCAR/Sustainable America races are in store.
No matter the industry, Sustainable America’s tools include broad public education, hands-on technical assistance, and strategic investment in emerging entrepreneurs and technologies. In its three years of existence, its impact has been impressive: Over 28 million pounds of food diverted from landfills, and one million gallons of fuel saved. And awareness is building as the organization has amassed a social media reach of over 17 million.
On Monday, November 9, Sustainable America will host its annual fund raiser. Sports will be well-represented as Yankees first baseman Mark Teixiera, a supporter of the organization, will be on hand. Other celebrities expected to attend include celebrity chef and Bravo TV host Jeff Zurofsky, and hip hop singer Sandra “Pepa” Denton of the band Salt N Pepa. There will be an auction, great food and drink, and a discussion of what’s next for Sustainable America, in the sports world and beyond. GreenSportsBlog readers in the Southern Connecticut-New York city area are encouraged to attend. Those who cannot make it can support Sustainable America online at www.biddingforgood.com/sustainableamerica.

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