St. Paul Saints, on Winning "Greenest New Stadium of 2015"


CHS Field, the new 7,000 seat home of the St. Paul (MN) Saints of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, won the “Greenest New Stadium of 2015” award from GreenSportsBlog last week. Today, the Saints shared the win with their fans.

The watchwords for last week’s GreenSportsBlog 2015 year end awards were “increasing influence,” as in the increasing influence exerted by, and scale of the Green-Sports world over the past twelve months.
With that in mind, all of our awardees were from the world of BIG TIME sports, from the Pac-12 (Greenest Sports League) to the New England Patriots (Best Team On and Off the Green Field) to Mathieu Flamini, midfielder for Arsenal (2nd place in Barclays Premier League) and Co-Founder of GF Biochemicals (Best Green-Sports Story).
All of the awardees SAVE ONE, that is.
That one exception to big time sports awardees are the St. Paul (MN) Saints and their new über-green stadium, CHS Field. They won our “Greenest New Stadium of 2015” award, as they crossed multiple green “t’s” (i.e. first major sports venue to reuse rainwater for field irrigation) and dotted many green “i’s” (i.e. 100kW solar system which supplies 12.5% of the ballpark’s power).
Commenting on winning the award via a statement on their website earlier today, the club went even deeper into CHS Field’s greenness, noting that they transformed the stadium site from one with virtually no trees [to one that] now contains 135 trees and 36,000 square feet of planting.” 
Congratulations again to the Saints on building such a green-forward stadium and, importantly, for sharing the story of that greenness with fans and other stakeholders.

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