GSB News and Notes, Super Sunday Edition


Here’s one final, pregame GreenSportsBlog News & Notes post on Green Super Bowl 50 News.

In case you’re not captivated by 6 hours of Super Bowl pre-game programming on CBS, GreenSportsBlog, as a public service, is pleased to offer a diversion–one last blast of Green Super Bowl 50 News & Notes.
While the focus of the NFL world this week–and thus our coverage–has been in San Francisco, with an estimated 1,000,000 people visiting Super Bowl City in the Embarcadero and Moscone Center for NFL Experience, today, finally, the whole show moves down the interstate to Santa Clara and Levi’s (LEED Gold) Stadium, where the Panthers will take on the Broncos. Most of today’s Green-Sports coverage is Levi’s Stadium-based as well:

  • Writing on si.com, Sports Illustrated’s online edition, Tim Newcomb, who covers stadiums, sneakers and technology, provided the site’s sizable readership with a comprehensive take on the greenness of Super Bowl 50 and Levi’s Stadium in “Host to Super Bowl 50, Levi’s Stadium is the Sustainable Arena of the Future
  • Rhone Resch (what a great name!) went up with a story on Thursday in EcoWatch with “Countdown to Kickoff: The Solar Super Bowl” that highlights the role solar plays at Levi’s Stadium–through NFL sponsor NRG’s installations, solar produces 375 kilowatts (kW) of peak power from more than 1,150 PV panels. That’s “enough power in a year to meet electricity demand during every 49ers’ home game.” Make sure you scroll down to the bottom–there you’ll find an infographic that lists all 29 US sports venues with on-site solar, 5 of which are in the Bay Area.

Levi's Solar

Solar panels atop Levi’s Stadium, site of today’s Panthers-Broncos contest, the Greenest Super Bowl Ever. (Photo credit: NRG)


  • Adam Johnston, writing in today’s issue of CleanTechnica, which bills itself as “the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis site in the world,” goes beyond solar to examine the overall greenness of Levi’s Stadium in “Super Bowl 50 An Environmental Sustainability Champion”
  • In Root 360, a small business-focused blog site, Danielle Sarmir takes the novel approach of applying Super Bowl 50’s sustainable-ness to small business in “The Most Sustainable Super Bowl Ever: What can small businesses learn about sustainability from Super Bowl 50?
  • Neill Duffy, Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Sustainability Director, was interviewed on the great GreenBiz podcast, GreenBiz350, interviewed by Lauren Hepler, GreenBiz Group Senior Editor. Give a listen to this in depth chat and you will get the full scope of what went into the Greenest Super Bowl Ever. Click here for the interview. Neill’s segment starts at the 16:20 mark and runs for 37 mins. Don’t worry, you have 4:20 ’til game time…


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