#CoverGreenSports: GreenSportsBlogger Interviewed by Steve Kelly on KCOD Radio

Steve Kelly of KCOD Radio in the Coachella Valley of Southern California, became a member of the small but growing chorus of media that has begun to #CoverGreenSports. He interviewed yours truly Wednesday on his Kelly’s Corner program about the world of Green-Sports.


A hearty thank you to Steve Kelly for Wednesday’s insightful, wide-ranging interview on the world of Green-Sports! Click here to check it out.

Steve is a long-time talk radio fixture in the Palm Springs, CA area, covering sports, politics and more. In addition to Kelly’s Corner and his other on-air work, Kelly is faculty advisor and broadcast consultant for KCOD CoachellaFM at the College of the Desert.


Steve Kelly 2

Steve Kelly, host of KCOD CoachellaFM’s Kelly’s Corner (Photo credit: College of the Desert)


Steve and I go back an even longer way — as colleagues on the sports staff of WRSU-FM in New Brunswick, NJ, the student radio station at Rutgers University.

It seems as though we have come full circle, doing play-by-play for Rutgers sports and hosting the Knightline^ post-game call-in show back when, and now, decades later, talking Green-Sports on Kelly’s Corner. 


WRSU Knightline

Steve Kelly (r), looking at the camera and yours truly making an (obviously) insightful point during Knightline, the post-game call-in show that aired — and still airs — on WRSU-FM, Rutgers student radio (Photo credit: Lewis Blaustein)


Here’s the link to our 28 minute interview: ow.ly/4GLf30kuQ7j

Enjoy it, share it and, thank you in advance for urging your own favorite radio and/or TV outlets to #CoverGreenSports. If an on-air personality expresses interest in this topic, please send her or him my way.


^ WRSU’s post game call-in show is called Knightline since Rutgers’ sports teams are known as the Scarlet Knights.



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NY Times Runs 2nd Its Green-Sports Story in as Many Weeks: “Hockey In The Desert”

The New York Times is starting to become a Green-Sports media All-Star! For the second time in two weeks, the “Gray Lady” ran a story about the intersection of Green & Sports. “Hockey In the Desert” by John Schwartz, appeared in The Times’ Climate: FWD online newsletter. 


Two weeks ago, Ken Belson, The New York Times’ lead NFL reporter, jumped into the #CoverGreenSports waters with Sports Stadiums Help Lead the Way Toward Greener Architecture.” His piece, which told the story of how and why Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, became the first pro sports stadium to earn LEED Platinum status, was terrific to my mind. But I thought this would be a typical mainstream media, Green-Sports one-off.

Happily, The Times proved me wrong, as, less than a week later, they ran “Hockey In the Desert,” by John Schwartz, as part of its Climate: FWD online newsletter. 


John Schwartz Daily Texan

John Schwartz, science writer at The New York Times (Photo credit: The Daily Texan)


Schwartz’ story actually centers on the non-green aspects of playing ice hockey at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in June — the hometown Knights, in their inaugural season, somehow made it to The Stanley Cup Finals against the Washington Capitals so they are still hosting home games in desert as summer beckons. With that in mind, Schwartz asked the obvious question: “Doesn’t that mean that hockey is contributing to climate change — and maybe its own demise — by building ice palaces in the desert?”

After citing the obvious mega-challenge —”The outside temperature was in the 90s Fahrenheit (30s Celsius) before Game 1″ — Schwartz dove into the environmental issues surrounding the hosting of an NHL hockey game in a desert climate beyond simply the making of a quality ice sheet: “Cooling the vast volume of inside air and taking out the humidity so that players and spectators are comfortable requires an enormous amount of energy.”


T-Mobile Arena

T-Mobile Arena, home of the Las Vegas Knights (Photo credit: Trip Advisor)


Of course, the environmental challenges surrounding the playing of sports indoors in hot climes goes far beyond hockey. The writer quoted recent GreenSportsBlog interviewee Robert McLeman, an associate professor in the department of geography and environmental studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, as saying that all arenas “come at a high environmental cost,” and that the discussion about hockey provides “an entry point into a conversation about what we want with these recreational facilities, and how to make cities more green.”




  • The fact that the The New York Times is starting to find that Green-Sports is among the news that is “Fit to Print” (and/or post online, as the case may be) is more important than the actual content of Schwartz’ story.
  • Let’s not rest on our laurels. Two stories on Green-Sports in The Times in two weeks is cause for celebration. But it’s not a trend, not even close. That means we need to keep pushing the #CoverGreenSports hashtag.
  • Schwartz’ piece was strong. It illuminated several important issues surrounding the putting on indoor sports events in hot climates. I learned some things.
  • He should’ve included a bit more about the steps the NHL and NHL Green are taking to lessen the environmental impact of their sport — one line and a link didn’t do justice to the NHL’s Green-Sports leadership.
  • That the story appeared in Climate: FWD and not the sports section reinforces one of the impediments Belson says stands in the way of more frequent Green-Sports coverage: The topic doesn’t belong to any one section or editor; no one has ownership of it. Belson has a valid point — I, for one, think Green-Sports should reside in the sports section to provide oxygen to this subject to a wider audience than the already “converted,” In Science Times and Climate: FWD. Hopefully the editors at The Times will figure this out.

For now, I’m happy that two Green-Sports stories appeared under The New York Times masthead in two weeks.



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