Shameless Plug: New Episode Of Green Gotham Is Live On YouTube and Vimeo


The latest episode of “Green Gotham,” a 30-minute interview show hosted by yours truly, is up on YouTube and Vimeo. Our guest is Tyler Adkins, Director of Sustainable Lighting for UGE, an innovative solar and wind project developer.
Here are the links to the interview with Tyler, in which he details how UGE will do its part to make good on its audacious goal: for “the world to be 100% powered by renewable energy”:

Tyler Adkins, Director of Sustainable Lighting at UGE, and yours truly at the taping of our Green Gotham interview. (Photo Credit: Lewis Blaustein)
Thank you for watching. Let us know what you think via comment below. And feel free to LIKE us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/greengothamtv1.

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