GreenSportsBlogger Interviewed on Green Guy Radio Program

Before Sunday’s heart-stopping Week 1 NFL action, yours truly, the GreenSportsBlogger, took to the airwaves to discuss Green-Sports with Eric Moncrief, host of the Talk With Green Guy radio show.


The NFL season kicked off this weekend with a million games decided by a touchdown or less. Or so it seemed. One of those thisclose affairs involved my New York Jets. Unfortunately, Gang Green became Gang Groan as they dropped a gut wrenching 23-22 home opener to the tough-but-beatable (at least yesterday) Cincinnati Bengals.

Thankfully, especially for the listening audience, Eric Moncrief, host of the Talk With Green Guy radio show on Atlanta’s iHeart Radio station, WGST Talk Radio AM 640, had the good sense to schedule our interview about the intersection of Green + Sports in the morning, three hours before the Jets game. Which meant we were able to have a calm, cool, collected and, I hope, for the listeners’ sakes; captivating 8 minute-ish conversation. It centered on my Green-Sports journey as well as on some of the green initiatives taken by the NFL and a few of its teams. These include not only my Jets (that they share MetLife Stadium with the Giants makes both clubs about as green as you can get from a construction-related carbon emissions point of view) but also Eric’s Atlanta Falcons, who will be moving into the über-green Mercedes-Benz Stadium in 2017.


Eric Moncrief, host of the Talk With Green Guy radio program on Atlanta’s WGST AM 640. (Photo credit: Eric Moncrief)


Click here to find the link to the show. My segment starts at the 28:12 mark but the whole 39 minute show is well worth the listen. In fact, I am confident I am not going out on a limb when I say that if the Jets, and, for that matter, the Falcons (also a Week 1 loser, at home to Tampa Bay), played football at the same level as Eric conducts his show, the two teams’ fan bases would be a heck of a lot happier.

And, speaking of happy, I am glad to report that Eric invited me back for another segment on the Talk With Green Guy radio show in October.


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