GreenSportsBlogger Interviewed on Portland (OR) Sustainability Podcast

In a stunning role reversal, yours truly, the GreenSportsBlogger, had the pleasure of being the interviewee rather than the interviewer the other night as Sean Barron, Tony Hair–co-hosts of the Portland (OR) Sustainability Podcast–and I tackled the intersection of Green + Sports.


If you couldn’t tell, I really enjoy talking with the movers and shakers of the sports-greening movement via our GSB Interviews (check out our most recent chat with New York Yankees first baseman and Eco-Athlete Mark Teixeira HERE.) And I  love hosting Green Gotham, the 1/2 hour TV show on YouTube and local cable in Manhattan in which we talk to the folks responsible for the great green goings on in and around New York.

But once in awhile, it is a whole lot of fun to be the interviewee, to return serve instead of serve.

That was the case last week when I was the guest of co-hosts Sean Barron and Tony Hair on their Portland (OR) Sustainability Podcast. They asked insightful, probing questions that resulted in a fast-paced, 45-ish minute interview about the very busy and fascinating intersection of Green + Sports.

Sean + Tony

Tony Hair (l) and Sean Barron (r), co-hosts of the Portland (OR) Sustainability Podcast. (Photo credit: Portland State University)


Click HERE for the link to the podcast. Thank you in advance for listening. And thanks to Sean and Tony for having me on.


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