Video: Most Forest Green Rovers Fans See Greening As Positive

GreenSportsBlog has written a number of times about Forest Green Rovers, a 5th tier English football (soccer) club. Why? Because FGR is undoubtedly the “Greenest Team in Sports.” But what do their fans, as well as “away supporters”, as opposition fans are called, think? Check out an 8-minute video to find out.


The video is called “Forest Green Rovers: By Far the Greatest Team the Planet Has Ever Seen.”

We can’t go to go that far–I mean, how can you compare a squad 4 levels below the Premier League to, say, the 1998 Yankees or the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls.

“By Far the Greenest Team the Planet Has Ever Seen” is much more like it. If you’ve read GreenSportsBlog’s pieces on the Nailsworth, Gloucestershire (2 hours drive west of London) club, you’re aware of the green leadership of the club’s owner Dale Vince, OBE.

Vince, who also owns Ecotricity, a Gloucestershire-based wind and solar company, has pioneered a wide range of green innovations at The New Lawn stadium: An organic pitch that collects rain water, solar-powered Mow-Bots to cut the grass, rooftop solar and all-vegan food concessions, among others.

How would FGR fans react? Would a largely blue collar following care about “green”? Would they revolt against the vegan-only food stands?

Well, click here to see a terrific 8-minute video from Collectively, a British non-profit that uncovers, shares and scales up “exciting ideas for a future we want to live.” You get an unvarnished, up close view of what fans–both FGR and away supporters–think and feel about this fascinating experiment at the intersection of Green + Sports. Let us know what you think. Meanwhile, I’m ready for a veggie burger!

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4 thoughts on “Video: Most Forest Green Rovers Fans See Greening As Positive

  1. Thanks for giving this film clip wider coverage, the FGR green message needs to be spread. Moreover the football is good and the stadium is a great place to watch it

  2. Thanks for the comment, Phil. Clearly we at GreenSportsBlog love what’s going on at and around The New Lawn! I hope to make a pilgrimage over there in the spring to see for myself.

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