GreenSportsBlog Interviewed by “The Sustainable Investor”

From the “Shoe Is on the Other Foot” file, GreenSportsBlog had the pleasure of being the interviewee in “Sustainability Takes the Field” a comprehensive post on the intersection of Green and Sport by The Sustainable Investor blog.


The Sustainable Investor (TSI) is the brainchild of Jennifer Ballen, currently pursuing an MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management after emigrating from a career on Wall Street. Driven by a desire to accelerate sustainable change, Ms. Ballen launched TSI believing that “profitability and impact need not be mutually exclusive,” and “business has massive power to alleviate environmental and social deficiencies.”

Replace “business” with “sports” and you have the underlying ethos of GreenSportsBlog.

So it was with pleasure that I shared my take on the unique power the sports industry has to lead sustainable behavior change among many millions of fans by walking the green walk at stadia and arenas the world over in “Sustainability Takes the Field”.

Take a read and, while you’re at it, feel free to peruse some other posts at The Sustainable Investor (


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