Dale Vince, Owner of Forest Green Rovers, On Being Named “Green Sports Story Of The Year”

Happy New Year, GreenSportsBlog readers! I hope y’all had a terrific 2014 and that 2015 will be even greater and greener. One sports team that had an incredibly green year (as it does every year) was Forest Green Rovers (FGR), a football/soccer club from Nailsworth, England. FGR, which is currently in English football’s 5th division, is perhaps the greenest sports team on the planet. For dotting most of the green “i’s” and crossing most of the green “t’s”, we named FGR the “Best Green Sports Story of 2014” in our most recent post. FGR owner Dale Vince, OBE, offered this comment…

“It’s great to see the impact of our work reaching so far beyond Nailsworth and even Britain – and very encouraging to think we may be influencing other clubs and other sports with our approach. Makes me want to do more…:)”

I am sure Vince and FGR will build on their status as Green-Sports leaders and innovators in 2015. GreenSportsBlog will be there to tell you the tale.

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3 thoughts on “Dale Vince, Owner of Forest Green Rovers, On Being Named “Green Sports Story Of The Year”

  1. Two thoughts on your comment, Candy: 1. If FGRFC owner Vince Dale has his way, there will be clubs much closer to NYC that will be has green as his team. 2. What a great reason to visit England than to see a (very green) match at FGR!

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