GreenBiz To Run Select GreenSportsBlog Posts

GreenBiz, one of the leading voices at the intersection of Green and Business, is partnering with GreenSportsBlog, to run select posts about the intersection of Green and Sports.

Since 1991, GreenBiz has advanced the opportunities, through its website, events and peer-to-peer networks, at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability.

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It is now entering the intersection of Green and Sports with its new partnership with GreenSportsBlog.

While GreenBiz has, on occasion, posted Green-Sports-themed stories, it has never had anyone covering that beat. It will now as GreenBiz will run the GreenSportsBlog posts it believes will have the most relevance and hold the most interest for its 200,000-300,000 monthly readers. Posts will, in most cases, appear on GreenSportsBlog approximately 1 week before they go up on GreenBiz.

GreenSportsBlog Founder and Editor Lew Blaustein enthused “GreenBiz is the Gold Standard of Green-Business content. We are glad to add our coverage of the dynamic, high profile and fast growing intersection of Green and Sports to GreenBiz’ already stellar lineup of sustainable business, cleantech, and energy content. And we are happy to expand our reach to the GreenBiz readership base.”

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