Peter King’s “MMQB” Joins The Green-Sports Party with Review of Levi’s Stadium

Sports Illustrated’s longtime NFL beat reporter, Peter King, has, with an able staff, developed the must-read of all pro football must-read content with SI’s The MMQB (Monday Morning Quarterback) site. In today’s The MMQB column (“Silicon Valley Victory”), King makes the Greenness of Levi’s Stadium (the 49’ers new home in Santa Clara) page 1, above the fold news.

You may ask: “What’s the big deal about Peter King writing about the Greenness of Levi’s Stadium? GreenSportsBlog has been covering the Greening of Sports Stadia for awhile now and did an in depth profile of Levi’s Stadium just a few weeks ago.” The reason it’s a big deal is a number: 4.3 million. That’s how many page views, the home of The MMQB generated when it published an exclusive first person account by Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman after the 2014 NFC Championship Game. 4.3 million!

Peter King

Peter King, Founder of The MMQB, the must-read column on all things NFL. Today’s piece leads with, in part, the Greenness of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. (Photo Credit:  MMQB.SI.COM)


GreenSportsBlog’s traffic is growing (and thank you for reading and sharing!) but getting the 1 million+ unique visitors The MMQB averages each week to read about the Greening of Levi’s Stadium is HUGE! And King gets it: His column highlights the:

  • 38,000 square feet of solar panels produce enough energy to run the stadium for the 10 home 49er games each year.
  • 16 types of indigenous vegetation grown on the stadium’s roof. Sixteen being Joe Montana’s uniform number, of course.
  • Reclaimed and purified water that irrigates the field.
  • Light rail stops and bicycle racks just outside the stadium

Welcome to the Green-Sports party, Peter King! We hope to see more The MMQB columns on the topic soon.

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