2014 Beyond Sport Awards Entry Deadline This Friday

For the past two years, GreenSportsBlog has been privileged to report from events hosted by Beyond Sport (the 2013 Beyond Sport Summit in Philadelphia and 2014’s Beyond Sport United conference at Yankee Stadium), the global organization dedicated to the notion that “sports must play an integral role in the promotion of sustainable social change” . The highlight of the annual Summit is the announcement of the Beyond Sport Awards, which honor organizations across the globe doing the best job of using sports as a catalyst positive social change. The deadline for applying for the 2014 Beyond Sport Awards is this Friday, June 27.

The 2014 Beyond Sport Award winners will be announced at the organization’s annual Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa which takes place October 28-30, 2014. If your organization is dedicated to using sports as a vehicle for environmental good, be sure to apply for this year’s Sport For Environment Award. Here are the criteria:

  • The organization has run an activity that uses sport to reduce or minimize negative impacts on the natural environment and/or…
  • …Has inspired people through sport to change their behavior long-term in support of reducing or minimizing negative impacts on the natural environment and/or…
  • …Has taken action itself through sport to create a positive impact on the natural environment, and/or
  • …Has made an environmental improvement or raised environmental awareness in a measurable way as a result of the entrant’s actions



Prior winners of the Sport For Environment Award include:

2013 – Carbon Management Strategy for London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games – Best Foot Forward

2012 – NRDC Sports Greening Project – Natural Resources Defence Council

2011 – NHL Green – National Hockey League

2010 – Project GreenHands –  Isha Outreach

2009 – Polar Defence Project – English Channel Swimming Association


If you would like to submit your organization for the 2014 Beyond Sport Awards, please do who here by Friday: http://www.beyondsport.org/awards/awards-how-to-enter/

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