Last Word On Greenness of Super Bowl XLVIII

In the run-up to Super Bowl XLVIII, GreenSportsBlog has written a ton about the big game (links to prior GSB Super Bowl-related posts here, here, and here). But, with kickoff to Super Bowl XLVIII less than 3 hours away, GSB gives the last word on the greenness of The Big Game to Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, Senior Scientist at Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the leader of their prodigious efforts on greening the sports world, via his blog post, What This Green Super Bowl Signifies.

As for the game itself, my heart is with Denver/OMAHA! (I’m Peyton-o-phile), however my head is telling me that the super-fast, super-talented Seattle defense will be too much for Denver.  26-20, Seahawks.  Which would mean that the team that won Green Super Bowl I would achieve quite a double!.  Enjoy the game, energy efficiently!

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