LeBron Takes First Green Steps By Riding His Bike To Work

Back in June, GSB sent an Open Letter To LeBron James, asking him to add his considerable voice and influence to the fight to slow/reverse climate change and its effects.  The request was simple: Just say “climate change is real, it’s human-caused, and we have to do something meaningful about it.” While he hasn’t, to our knowledge, said that, LeBron has made a different statement in the green direction with his actions–by occasionally riding his bike to work.

LeBron Cycling

LeBron James, riding his bike to work–in this case, to the Miami Heat’s practice facility (Photo credit: Nike)


A recent long form Nike ad (1:46), centered on LeBron’s bicycle commuting, has generated over 2 million YouTube views.  Check it out here.  It’s a great ad, methinks, for Nike, James and bicycle commuting.  What about you?

Now, despite the Open Letter and the international groundswell of support it garnered, it is possible that James’ decision to ride his bike to work has nothing to do with the environment nor climate change. It could be because traffic is awful. Or perhaps he’s doing it as part of his training regimen.  Maybe he just likes to ride a bike! Who knows? Unless he talks about it, we can only speculate about the reason(s).  But his intent is secondary at this point. LeBron James cycling to work is a great statement on behalf of bicycle commuting, which grew 10% in the US from 2011 to 2012 and over 60% since 2000, and driving less.  And that’s green, no matter LeBron’s motives.

That said, the next step is obvious–another Open Letter that asks LeBron to make the “climate change is real” announcement (you will read it here first!).  He could even ride his bike to the press conference.


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6 thoughts on “LeBron Takes First Green Steps By Riding His Bike To Work

  1. Inspiring…and cool. In one ad LeBron makes cycling to work (for fitness and fun) cool, wearing a helmet cool. Not sure how he runs home (where’s his bike?) but maybe I’m thinking about it too much. Anyway, back to the point–now, can we make cycling to work AS A CONSCIOUS GREEN STEP cool? Let’s push that.

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